Heritage Foundation Silliness

Browsing for US Oil production rates and came across this crazy post at TheDailySignal.  Here’s a screenshot of the page with comments:

FireShot Capture – Chart_ US Oil Production by the Numbers_ – http___dailysignal.com_2014_12_02_ch

Here’s a list of issues with this article/graphic:

  1.   Graphic includes 90 barrel icons to reflect?  It’s not clear. The text says US increase since 2008, but 9 million barrels per day is the current output, not the increase.
  2.   There are no other stacks of barrels to compare to!  It is a pointless graphic; orphaned data point.
  3.   Below is a map of United States with state boundaries and no states are colored.  Next to it is a world map with OPEC countries colored in.  If we are comparing US to the colored countries, then US should be colored in also.
  4.  A greater-than symbol “>” (could be confused as arrow?) is between US and World map with caption “The US increase alone is greater than the output of almost* every OPEC country.”  — True if US is compared to each individually, but the graphic implies greater than the total of all the colored countries combined.
  5.    The impetus for this graphic seems to be to support the linked article, Even If OPEC Cut Oil Production…  but that is limp at best.
  6.   The graphic implies that US is back as big player in oil and can’t be bullied by OPEC but the commentary below implies OPEC decision to not CUT production is attempt to hurt US — which is upside down…  Why wouldn’t the assumption be that our ally Saudi Arabia has sabotaged OPEC attempts to cut production, combined with US increases, as an attempt to crush Russia?  Even their own data point that Russia’s oil production is dependent on $100/barrel.


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